• 7th scientific conference with international participation All About People: Future Fit! 2nd Edition

    7th scientific conference with international participation All About People: Future Fit! - Book of Abstracts - 2nd Edition


    Alma Mater Europaea hosted 7th Annual Scientific Conference with International Participation All about people: Future fit! The theme, All about the people: Future fit! aims to raise discussions about delivering change and overcoming challenges for sustainable development on the societal level, this making us fit for the future. The book 7th Scientific Conference All About People - Book of Abstracts present abstracts of the contributions from the participants of the Conference. 

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  • Tolerance and interreligious dialogue

    Tolerance and interreligious dialogue


    Interreligious dialogue has a prominent position among the issues of modernity at Alma Mater Europaea. Efforts to move from confrontation to tolerance are always topical among the people with different perspectives on the world. Of course, each fight can only be won, but the opponent can only rarely be convinced. Coping with diversity is understood as an ancient human state, but such conceptualisation of relations between living beings is too narrow: opposition and competition are as common as co-existence and co-operation.

    Therefore, an analysis of the factors that make...

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  • Chapters from Social Gerontology

    Chapters from Social Gerontology


    The present monograph is an original work intended for professionals and the general public. Potential readers of the monograph are (can be) everyone who are interested in quality, competitiveness and responsiveness in relation to the given problem. This monograph is a result of a study of relevant foreign and domestic literature. The originality of the approach and analysis that the monograph deals with, addresses, with regard to the dilemmas of modern aging, everyone who are dealing with problems of aging and age in their research, study, work and life, which, without its natural base,...

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