• Proceedings book with review

    Proceedings book with review


    Alma Mater Europaea hosted the 6th Scientific Conference with International Participation All About People: Challenges for Science and Education. At the two-day Conference, which was taking place in Maribor, current topics from various fields, covered by this private higher education institution, including humanities, physiotherapy and archival science, were discussed. The Proceedings of the Conference combine contributions from the participants of the Conference.

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  • First-Aid Notes

    First-Aid Notes


    Notes, written by Assist. Prof. Matej Strnad, were created in the hope of refreshing and supplementing first-aid knowledge of physiotherapists. Notes will empower the physiotherapists with theoretical knowledge for faster and more appropriate first aid procedures in acute conditions and relieve them of distress at these events. I also wish the Notes to present a good theoretical basis for the organisation of first-aid workshops, in which physiotherapists will have the opportunity to recover this knowledge and test it in practice. Last but not least, the Notes will enrich first-aid...

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  • Chapters from Social Gerontology

    Chapters from Social Gerontology


    The present monograph is an original work intended for professionals and the general public. Potential readers of the monograph are (can be) everyone who are interested in quality, competitiveness and responsiveness in relation to the given problem. This monograph is a result of a study of relevant foreign and domestic literature. The originality of the approach and analysis that the monograph deals with, addresses, with regard to the dilemmas of modern aging, everyone who are dealing with problems of aging and age in their research, study, work and life, which, without its natural base,...

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Bojan Macuh, Ph.D.
April 20, 2018
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April 6, 2018
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Jana Goriup, Ph.D., Danijela Lahe, Ph.D.
April 6, 2018


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