Chapters from Social Gerontology


Jana Goriup, Ph.D.
Danijela Lahe, Ph.D.


The present monograph is an original work intended for professionals and the general public. Potential readers of the monograph are (can be) everyone who are interested in quality, competitiveness and responsiveness in relation to the given problem. This monograph is a result of a study of relevant foreign and domestic literature. The originality of the approach and analysis that the monograph deals with, addresses, with regard to the dilemmas of modern aging, everyone who are dealing with problems of aging and age in their research, study, work and life, which, without its natural base, i.e. its quality, cannot be successful, and the necessity of connecting all the factors that live and work with them, both sociologically, psychologically and pedagogically-didactically, and which are by no means negligible. This is confirmed by the basic thesis of the submitted material, i.e. the quality of aging, wherever it is taking place, is always deeply socially constructed, but indivisible and as such impregnated with the interests of society.

Assist. Prof. Sebastjan Kristovič

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April 6, 2018

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